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A CCTV system serves two primary purposes, firstly to act as a deterrent to criminals, and secondly to be capable of providing evidential quality footage should you need a recording of an event which has occurred.

Our state of the art Digistore HD CCTV systems have been painstakingly developed to provide exceptional value for money for our clients, being packed with innovative features and yet remaining easy to operate through our simple and straight forward software.

Our experienced Sales Managers will visit your premises on a free of charge, no obligation basis to look at your requirements and provide you with advice and recommendations on how to achieve your objectives in the most cost effective way. We will provide a site plan showing the proposed locations of cameras and the views they will provide, along with a detailed supporting quotation which explains all of the necessary equipment required to provide the required coverage. We are happy to demonstrate our CCTV equipment in action, and the Sales Managers can do this while on site carrying out the site survey, giving you confidence in what we supply and the image quality which you will be getting with our Digistore HD systems. 

Increasingly we are taking into account potential health and safety considerations when specifying and installing security systems for clients, for example integrating cameras into production areas featuring dangerous machinery, using cameras to help protect members of staff who have to work in potentially volatile customer facing environments or even covering lone workers. In these ever more litigious times company owners and managers are starting to appreciate the additional back up that having good quality CCTV footage can provide when dealing with unforeseen situations arising in the workplace.

Many of our clients are also taking advantage of their CCTV systems for marketing and PR purposes, using camera footage as feeds for their websites showing anything from beautiful views from a hotel balcony to manufacturing processes taking place, to live gigs being performed in bars and night clubs.

Here at CDA Solutions we appreciate that as a business you will be looking to maximise your return on the investment that you are making in your CCTV system, and as such we will pro-actively work with you to explore the various ways that you may be able to make best use of the capabilities that our Digistore systems offer, and how you can gain additional benefits over and above the traditional security uses.

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